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The bustling suburb of Vila Nova da Gaia lies opposite Oporto on the steep south bank of the mighty River Douro.

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Sitting on top of a pre-Roman fortified hamlet, Vila Nova de Gaia today is dominated by the Port wine lodges, with over fifty wine companies based in its narrow, twisting streets. Here, the ageing and blending of most of the world's supply of Port wine takes place beneath a sea of red roofs emblazoned with some of the most famous names in winemaking.

What to see. The 16th-century monastery church of Serra do Pilar features unusual circular cloisters and panoramic views of Oporto and the River Douro. From the church's terrace, the future Duke of Wellington planned his surprise attack on the French in 1809.

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A tour of the cellars is a must for any visitor to Vila Nova da Gaia, followed by a wine-tasting. One of the best-organised lodges is Sandeman, founded in 1790 and housed in a former 16th-century convent with a small museum. Taylor's, one of the last privately-owned English wine companies, offers a lively, informative tour of the premises and impressive views from its spacious outdoor terrace.

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